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  • what is dig and serve?

    Dig & Serve hosts experiential dining events for curious diners to come together at a common table, in an engaging space to share in impeccable food and drink with great people.  We are committed to using only the highest quality (mostly) local ingredients, grown by us and other farmers we know and trust. We transform unique locations for 24 hours where culinary artisans push the boundaries of social food. 

    At Dig & Serve we aim to create a new type of bespoke dining experience.  One where the food is not just absolutely ridiculous, but where going out for dinner becomes far more engaging and experiential than it ever has before.  Where diners do not only sit and talk with the group they go out with, but rather they connect and share with others in the community, creating a paradigm shift to the typical, while going back to the roots of how we’ve eaten for thousands of years {or centuries}.

    Along with pop-ups, Dig & Serve specializes in producing exclusive private events at a clients home, office, or a special venue.  Events range from basic dinner parties to elaborate dinner, art, and musical performances.  Our team works closely with the host to ensure his/her vision is brought to life.  Each event is unique and masterfully created with an exquisite attention to detail.  

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